Seo In Young Releases Teaser Video for "Oh My Gosh"

Seo In Young has just released a teaser for her new music video.

On November 14, a teaser video for her new song “Oh My Gosh” from her mini album was uploaded on her official homepage. Although it was a short 34 seconds, it is a hot topic and fans are eagerly awaiting the official video.

Similar to her hairstyle a few years ago, her hair is short and styled to the side, making Seo In Young look sophisticated and classy. She picks and chooses men, who appear out of a human dispensing machine.

“Oh My Gosh” sounds amazing so far! With a strong electronic background sound and an addictive chorus, Seo In Young’s powerful vocals are brought to life. The anticipation and expectations for this song continue to rise.

Her mini new album, “Brand New Elly”, is set to release on November 16, with a comeback stage on Mnet “M! Countdown” scheduled for November 17.