Boyz II Men Invites “Superstar K3’s” Ulala Session to Seoul Concert

It was reported earlier today that Boyz II Men, the legendary R&B group, invited Ulala Session, the winner of Mnet “Superstar K3” to their Seoul concert. According to multiple sources, Boy II Men was deeply inspired by Ulala Session’s live performance of “Open Arms” on “Superstar K3,” and first contacted the Korean group to guest-perform at their Seoul concert scheduled for November 27.

However, due to schedule conflicts, it seems unlikely Ulala Session will be able to join the U.S. group’s concert. “Ulala Session was indeed invited by Boyz II Men to perform at their Seoul concert. But Ulala Session already has a prearranged event scheduled to appear in so they won’t be able to go on the same stage as Boyz II Men,” said CJ E&M, the producer of “Superstar K3” and temporary management agency of Ulala Session,

Ulala Session’s rendition of “Open Arms,” originally produced by Journey, was one of the most powerful performances we saw on “Superstar K3.” Considering the fact that Boyz II Men also has their own remake-version of “Open Arms,” it would have been nice to see the two groups sing this track together on the same stage. Here’s hoping Ulala Session finds a way to fix their schedule to join the legendary group’s concert!

In case you missed it, enjoy the video of Ulala Session’s live performance of “Open Arms.”


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