Wonder Girls and 2PM Dance Together, T-ara's Soyeon Fends off Stalker, and More Tweets!

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“Mr. Crazy Patient… This is my first warning. After this, I will call the police. You are definitely not a fan.” – T-ara’s Soyeon (@sohotmelody, twitter) left this bold message to an unidentified fan that has repeatedly been sending sexually harassing messages to Soyeon. She later added it’s been nearly a year since she suffered from these messages.

“Articles of our Tae Woo getting married has been out. The youngest member gets married first. I knew it was coming, but still hard to believe. They’ve been dating well so far and will live happily ever after, so please celebrate the two. Anyhow, what do we do with our Jooni hyung?” – G.O.D member Danny Ahn (@DNA1222, twitter) left a celebratory message for Kim Tae Woo’s wedding. His playful message at the end is in reference to G.O.D’s oldest member Joon Hyung Park.


“Two days till our comeback. One orange, one sweet potato, one boiled egg. I should save my breakfast. Bitter smile.” – T-ara’s Hyomin (@b89530, twitter) shared this photo with her breakfast. With only two days to go till their comeback stage, she’s on quite an intense diet!


“Looking ahead into the future is important but thinking we can predict the future is foolish. Succeed or fail, just be thankful. Succeed or fail, we should just be thankful and accept it because precious lesson is hidden inside that failure. So if anybody asks me did I know if the Wonder Girls new album would be this successful? I would proudly say ‘Of course not!’ :)” Park Jin Young (@followjyp, twitter) his words of wisdom through this long, proud message about Wonder Girls and their successful new album. He’s sounds a bit philosophical, but it’s so true! Good luck with the rest of the Wonder Girls’ promotions!



“Wonder three member group formed!! Hoot!?!” – Wonder Girls’ Yenny (@wgyenny, me2day) uploaded a video of her dance with 2PM’s Chansung and Junho to the tunes of “Be My Baby.” Another video of Wooyoung dancing with all five Wonder Girls members were found too. Could a 2PM-Wonder Girls joint stage be in the works soon?!




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