Sung Shi Kyung on Park Jung Hyun, "If Only She Was 10cm Taller…"

Singers Sung Shi Kyung and Park Jung Hyun revealed their long-time friendship. 

On an episode of “Win Win” that aired on November 15, Park Jung Hyun was the guest star. However, Sung Shi Kyung made a surprise appearance for Park Jung Hyun and mysteriously revealed that they have been meeting for three days in a row saying, “She was in my arms yesterday as well.”

Actually, they were together for a photo shoot, in which they had to look very affectionate and close. The emcees asked them, “Before the photo shoot is released, why don’t you give us a preview of some of the poses?” Right away, they stuck close to each other and began whispering in each other’s ears, showing off an affectionate pose. 

Following that, the emcees also asked, “While you are working together, have you ever felt something more for Park Jung Hyun as a woman?” To that Sung Shi Kyung replied, “I feel that she is the most loveable woman when she sings. When I see her on stage, my heart races.”

From that response, Mc Kim Seung Woo complained that Sung Shi Kyung was holding back. Then, Sung Shi Kyung answered, “I think she is very attractive. If only she was about 10 centimeters taller. She has very good proportions but when we stand together, both of us feel awkward.” To that, Park Jung Hyun agreed. 

Park Jung Hyun stands at a height of 150 centimeters (4′ 9″) where as Sung Shi Kyung towers over her with a height of 186 centimeters (6′ 2″). However, Park Jung Hyun confidently boasted that she was proud of her height. 

Sung Shi Kyung and Park Jung Hyun first met in 2005 at a concert and have been maintaining their friendship ever since. They are currently promoting a duet, “We Used To Be So Good.”

Check out their duet below: