Japanese Broadcast Gives Kara Special Treatment

Girl group Kara has received special treatment from a Japanese broadcast, which is gathering much attention. On November 12, a Japanese TV show called, “Adventure Tutorial!” hosted Kara as special guests.

In order to greet Kara, who was arriving in Japan on that day, the program prepared an hour of broadcast for them as well as a big-scale welcome party. Also, network leaders such as the TV production manager, the assistant production manager and many other producers all went outside to greet Kara in person. As soon as Kara stepped out of the white limousine that was prepared for them, a brass band started to play their song, “Mister.”

With this kind of VIP treatment, even the Japanese netizens commented, “Kara is the first to receive this kind of treatment,” “It’s not common for a program to prepare a whole hour for a foreign star,” “I guess Kara has taken over the idol world in Japan,” and so on. Korean netizens also expressed their awe by saying, “This is true popularity,” “I hope they will grow more and more mature in the future,” “Wow, I guess they have really risen to the top,” and more.