4Minute Unleashes Music Video for New Japanese Single "Ready Go"

4Minute‘s ladies are back on the Japanese music scene fiercer than ever with a brand-new single “Ready Go.

“Ready Go” is an up-tempo track supported by hungry guitar riffs and punchy beats which showcase the members addictive vocals.The music video for the quintet’s latest single premiered exclusively on MTV
Japan on November 11 and features the girls charisma and hot dance moves.

Without further ado,here comes 4Minute’s “Ready Go!”

The song will be featured on the original soundtrack of a Japanese drama as the theme song of “Koko ga Uswasa no El Palacio.” It is the TV adaptation of the manga by the same name, which began airing on Tokyo TV on October 6.

The single which comes in three versions, A,B and C, and will be released on December 7.