IU to Begin Promoting in Japan Early Next Year

Korea’s “little sister” IU will be spreading her fame throughout Asia. On November 16, it was revealed that “K-Pop’s 18 year old Muse” will be broadening her musical horizons to Japan.

The renowned record company EMI Music Japan, known for producing famous solo artists such as Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo, will be working alongside singer IU.

A representative from IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment, announced “By the end of this November, the activities for the second album will be wrapped up. During January of next year, IU will open a showcase in Tokyo and have her first official activities in Japan. The following month, her official debut single will be released, and she will be participating in more activities.”

All of the songs included in the Japanese promotions will be produced in both Korea and Japan, with collaborations in both countries.

With songs like “Nagging” and “Good Day” produced by Jo Young Chul, IU will work with producer Okita Hidenobu, who is currently Japanese singer Utada Hikaru’s producer. The Japanese eagerly anticipate IU’s arrival.

Producer Okita said, “IU has an amazing power in her vocals. Combined with her cute face and mysterious identity, she will be a huge hit. I know she wants to pour out her passion for music to her Japanese fans.”

Currently, IU is preparing for her second album.