JYJ’s Junsu Back as "Death" in New Musical "Elizabeth"

JYJ’s Junsu is back on stage with yet another part in the new musical, “Elizabeth.” The 24 year-old singer has already proven his talent, passion, and love for the stage with musicals “Mozart,” where he played Wolfgang Amadeus, and “Tears of Heaven,” as Jun Hyung.

This time, Junsu’s part will bring out another side of his acting as he is to play the role of “Death”, the young lover of Empress Elizabeth of Austria with whom he has an intertwined relashionship of love and hate.

Ticket sales will begin on November 25. The musical “Elizabeth” will open on February 9 and will go on for three months until May 13. The troupe will perform for the first time at the Blue Square Theater in Hanam Dong. Junsu will star alongside Ock Ju Hyun.

In addition, Kim Junsu has recently been awarded the Popularity Award at the 2011 Korea Musical Awards.

We have no doubt that “Elizabeth” will be another success to add to Junsu’s musical achievements. Why you’d ask? Because he won six awards for his roles in both “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven” and was nominated for Best Actor in “Tears of Heaven.” Looking forward to his next show!