Lee Hyori Transforms into Marilyn Monroe

Sexy diva Lee Hyori has transformed into Marilyn Monroe.

The recent “Cleo” photo shoot picture shows the singer with blonde hair, silky gold dress, and various accessories. Lee Hyori successfully portrayed the 21st century’s modern-Marilyn Monroe while displaying her chameleon-like charm.

Her firm, curvaceous body fit well with the gold look and highlighted her usual healthy beauty.

The photo shoot’s concept was winter season makeup “Gelpresso Marilyn Monroe.”

An official from “Cleo” said, “Lee Hyori perfectly portrayed the 21st century Marilyn Monroe and even expressed luxurious sexiness. The gold mood helped redefine her other charms aside from the casual sexiness as well. I am sure that her glamorous goddess style will be the trend for other women this upcoming winter.”