DJ Clazzi Reveals Teaser for "How We Feel" Featuring 2AM’s Seulong

DJ Clazzi has revealed a teaser for the music video of his first solo single, “How We Feel.”

It was previously reported that DJ Clazzi will be working on his first solo single. Instead of working with his bandmates from Clazziquai Project, Alex and Horan, he will be collaborating with 2AM’s Seulong.

“How We Feel” is an electro-dance track which is similar to the musical style of Clazziquai. The video has a very modern feel to it. Seulong is even seen wearing a snake print suit and sporting silver lipstick.

“How We Feel” has no definite release date at the moment but it has been confirmed that it will be released in December. This is the first time fans will see Clazzi take the stage and fans are excited for this unique collaboration.

Check out the teaser here: