Park Shin Hye’s Taiwanese Drama to Air in Korea in December

Park Shin Hye’s Korean fans will get to watch her Taiwanese drama “Hayate the Combat Butler” on local TV in December. According to news reports, drama channel Drama Cube has picked up the rights to broadcast the actress’ first Taiwanese series and will begin showing episodes next month.

In “Hayate the Combat Butler,” Park Shin Hye plays an heiress who is constantly under threat of kidnapping due to her family’s fortune. Taiwanese actor George Hu plays the “combat butler” character in the title, whose family is in debt and was contemplating engaging in criminal activities. A certain twist of fate, however, ends with the combat butler saving the heiress’ life instead.

“Many different characters came together for this drama,” Park Shin Hye said. “There are many cute actors in it, too.”

Park Shin Hye shot the drama in Taiwan last year. She went back there earlier in the year, just before the drama aired to promote it and meet her Taiwanese fans. With this Taiwanese series and her signing with a top management agency in Japan, Park Shin Hye is well on the rise as an emerging new generation Hallyu star.