JYJ, Song Ji Hyo Appointed as Online PR Ambassadors for Education Ministry

On November 16, popular boyband JYJ and actress Song Ji Hyo attended the Online Public Relations Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony, held by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) at the Seoul Central Government Complex.

Having recently completed a successful European concert tour, JYJ members also starred in popular dramas and are familiar and well-loved figures among students and youths. Song Ji Hyo is currently filming MBC drama “Gye Baek” and SBS variety show “Running Man” and is regarded by students and youths as a forthcoming and earnest celebrity.

Education Minister Lee Joo Ho said, “While actively pursuing their careers in their respective fields, JYJ and Song Ji Hyo have expressed their interest in volunteering for education. Due to their high popularity, they have been newly appointed as Online PR Ambassadors and are expected to be a great boost to our interaction with students and youths.”

JYJ and Song Ji Hyo will participate in the first round of MEST’s campaign called “Let’s create a school free of violence and ostracism,” where they will produce a song that will be easily sung among all citizens. The song is expected to be released to students and youths from the end of this month. In addition, they will also send messages about the campaign to students and youths via SNS (social network services) such as Twitter.


Song Ji Hyo

Thank you for the invitation to the Appointment Ceremony. I will do my best for this Education Ministry’s campaign to make schools better. I will also do my best for PR too. Please give us your support. Thank you.

JYJ Junsu

I have been seeing reports about verbal abusing, gang activities etc in schools these days. I feel that if everyone could have more consideration for one another, the situation will improve, students can make more good friends, and school life will be more pleasant. In this way, the youths of Korea can be more positive, healthier, energetic youths with hopes. As a PR ambassador, I will do my best. Thank you.

JYJ Jaejoong

It feels good to be able to participate in this campaign for the progress of our schools. Due to the love we receive for our songs, the bright personality of Ji Hyo nuna, that’s probably why we were chosen to be PR ambassadors. We would like to thank the students, staff and of course the minister. We will do our best, and spread good messages as much as we can. Thank you.

JYJ Yoo Chun

Once again, I would like to thank you. Last year around this time, I was filming drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, about Confucian scholars. It’s important what kind of friends you meet during your school days. Everyone, I hope you will be able to meet good friends, and live your life to your best. I will do my best to become a better ambassador. Thank you.

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