[Recap] SBS “Strong Heart”: SNSD Talks Wardrobe Malfunction, Dissects Hyori’s Sexy Dance, Infinite Unveils Dorm Room, and More!

This week’s SBS “Strong Heart” was another episode full of shocking (and amusing) real-life stories told by some of the top K-Pop celebrities. The show was an extension of last week’s episode with the same guests, including SNSD’s YoonA, Yuri, Tiffany, and Taeyeon, as well as FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Son Ho Young, Infinite’s Sung Jong, and many others. Here’s a rundown of the top moments:

1)     The “Disgraceful Generation” and “Boom’s Generation”

Comedians Jung Joo Ri and Jo Jung Rin teamed up to form “Disgraceful Generation.” They kicked off the show with a cover/parody performance of SNSD’s “The Boys.” Later, the real SNSD members joined their performance and danced together to the tunes of “The Boys.”

But the parody stage didn’t stop there. Boom, comedian Yang Sae Hyung, and Infinite’s Sung Jong (part of the Boom Academy) dressed in SNSD’s outfits with some make up on to put on another stunning performance of “The Boys.” Infinite’s Sung Jong, in particular, caught a lot of attention for looking strikingly feminine. After seeing Sung Jong’s dance, Tiffany commented, “I think he looks prettier than me.”

2)     “Ripping YoonA” and “Ripping Taeyeon”

SNSD’s YoonA titled her story, “Ripping YoonA.” She said the title was inspired by 2PM Taecyeon’s nickname, “Ripping Taecyeon,” for his propensity to often rip off his shirt on stage. The incident happened during the SNSD Japan concert last September. YoonA had a solo dance part where she had to crouch and immediately get up. But when she got up, she heard a ripping sound from her back. She couldn’t check if her pants were actually popped since she was in the middle of her solo dance, with more than 50,000 people staring at her. So she started dancing less aggressively and kept covering the back with her shirt. But when she later touched the back part, it was totally fine. So she went backstage and changed to her next outfit, only to discover where the ripping sound came from – two fist sized holes were found in the crouch area!

Taeyeon also shared a similar incident. SNSD tends to wear very tight outfits on stage, but during one of their concerts, she felt a sudden sense of liberation from her upper part. It turned out that her shirt was ripped apart on the side, and it was about to slip off. It was a duet stage with Tiffany and she said she could tell Taeyeon was in pain as her hand was oddly positioned to hold up the shirt from falling off. As the three and a half minute performance was coming to an end, Taeyeon couldn’t resist the pain and at last yelled, “Help Me!” They said the crowd probably noticed what was going on since it was quite obvious at the moment, but they applauded the girls for their professionalism.

3)     Boom’s one and only kiss scene

Boom shared a funny story of his one and only kiss scene. While filming veteran comedian Lee Kyung Gyu’s movie, “Bloody Revenge 2,” Boom was surprised to see a kiss scene in his script. He pictured himself getting macho and giving a romantic kiss to the female counterpart. But he later found out that the female lead declined to film that part and insisted upon deleting that scene. So they settled with a soft kiss scene and Boom apologized to the actress, Lee So Yeon.

4)     Blood type “B”

This segment was about celebrity blood types. It started with blood type B’s, who are generally known for easily losing their temper over menial matters. SNSD’s YoonA revealed she’s also blood type B and shared a story that reflected her personality. One day, YoonA saw a stranger standing in front of her dorm at night. The automatic door at the main entrance takes a few seconds to close, and the unknown man followed in YoonA right after she entered the building. YoonA first got on the elevator but the fan would just run up the stairs without seeing her. So YoonA held the elevator doors open, and watched what the fan was trying to do. The fan turned out to be peeking down at her from upstairs, so YoonA called him. And it wasn’t just a friendly, “Hey, can you come down?” tone, but rather a “Hey you, come here!” Apparently, she got angry and told the fan, “Do you live here? You shouldn’t be coming in here!” But the fan later apologized so she let him go. It is commonly known that blood type B’s have a tendency to lose their temper easily, but at the same time, quickly forget what happened and calm down easily too.

Ex-G.O.D. member Son Ho Young also shared a story related to his short temper (he’s B-type too). Right before his debut, he went to a game room but saw his friend being mugged by someone. His short temper got the best of him and he started beating up the guy. He said he used to beat up people a lot when he was younger, but would usually calm down while throwing punches. But that day he got scared of the whole situation and just ran away from the scene. But it turned out the guy’s father was a lawyer, and because of the fight, Son Ho Young was called to the court. It was right before his G.O.D. debut, so he had bleached hair, but to reach a settlement with the guy and his father, Son Ho Young had to shave his head and wait in front of the guy’s house for 24 straight hours.

Later, FT Island’s Hong Ki was asked what blood type he was and he shyly said, “AB.” Yuri also said she’s AB but seemed a bit embarrassed about it. She said there’s a misperception of AB blood types, to which Hong Ki jumped in and said, “DDo Ra Ee (a derogatory term for crazy person in Korean).” Not sure if all AB’s are crazy but they sure have a unique personality!

5)     How to be as sexy as Hyori

Actress Jin Sae Yeon, who’s known for her role in the movie, “White: Cursed Melody,” told a story of her practicing sexy dance moves. In her debut movie, she was cast as a sexy girl group member, so she had to find a role model. So she picked Lee Hyori and dissected every move of her stage performance. To follow Hyori’s sexy moves, she said first you need to make sexy eye contact. You have to turn your head hard, lift your chin a bit, and then give an impactful glare. Second, your fingers matter. You have to stick your index finger out and lean the third and fourth fingers in.

Yuri also said she used to analyze Hyori’s dance moves in the past. She said unlike the other Fin.K.L members, who would always try to look cute and feminine, Hyori would always have more action and try to overly shake her head a lot. The added movements in her hair made her look sexier than others while keeping the cute and girly image at the same time. But when Yuri tried the same move during SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” performance, her hair would always get stuck with her lip gloss, so she stopped imitating her.

Back to Jin Sae Yeon and her Hyori analysis. The third point was the dynamics of the dance. Instead of just dancing along the flow, you have to articulate the dynamics. Taeyeon also agreed with the dynamics and gave a little dance lesson of her own.

Jin Sae Yeon revealed she used to be called “Jamwon Dong YoonA” for her similar looks and dance moves. Later she gave a live performance of Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl” and SNSD’s “Into the New World.”

6)     A peek into Infinite’s new dorm

Last September, Infinite’s Woo Hyun came on the show and complained about their dormitory. He said their dorm had no main entrance and water would leak from the ceiling, while the walls were covered with mold. But after they won first place with “Be Mine,” the CEO of their agency promised to move them to a much better apartment. The wish has been granted and Sung Jong gave a video tour of their new pad.

After seeing the video, YoonA said Infinite is her favorite hoobae group because of their perfect choreography and hard work ethic. Tiffany said they reminded her of SNSD’s early years. She also picked Hoya as her favorite member of the group.

7)     Preview of next week’s episode

For next week’s preview, screen shots of Wonder Girls dancing with a mysterious sixth member were unveiled at the end of the show. You can find out in next week’s recap who that is!


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