Song Ji Hyo for "Yesse" 2011 Winter Photo Shoot

Actress Song Ji Hyo will be featured in a photo shoot for fashion brand “Yesse’s” 2011 Winter Photo Shoot.

Showing slim designs with classic styles and vintage British feel, Song Ji Hyo is seen mix-matching knit, fur, and animal print apparels while portraying her usual comfortable yet strong gaze.

An official from “Yesse” said, “Song Ji Hyo came right on time although she had many other schedules. She did not show even the slightest hint of exhaustion and actually smiled throughout the photo shoot. Her candid and polite charm shown on television is really genuine.”

To view the actress’ charming winter bohemian fashion, visit “Yesse’s” website and check out their catalog.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo is currently appearing on SBS “Good Sunday – Running Man” and the MBC drama “Gyebaek.”