Park Jung Hyun Reveals She Was Victim of Racism

Park Jung Hyun revealed that she was a victim of racism during her student years in America.

The singer appeared on KBS “Win Win” on November 15 and said, “I was teased a lot for my appearance so I hated my face.”

She further explained, “I had a hard time making friends because I was so shy. Whenever I saw dramas and movies starring Americans I admired their big double eyelids. I thought they were very pretty. Korea was not as well known in the ‘80s compared to now. The school I went to with my younger brother only had three Asians (one, excluding my brother and me) so we were easy targets for bullying. They would stretch and pull our eyes up and spit on us. It was very scary and the racism was very cruel. I never said a word at school and the only time I opened my mouth was to answer the teacher’s questions.”


What do you think of Park Jung Hyun’s hardship as a foreign student in the states? How do you think she should have managed it, or was there no way out at all? Let us know!