Tim Unveils MV Teaser for “A Long Day”

A year after his fifth album, “New Beginnings,” Tim is returning with a new mini-album titled, “A Long Day.”

The short teaser stars actress Lee Yoon Ji (“Heading to the Ground”) in a long close-up shot of her face as she cries and mouths the lyrics to the song. This creates a strangely captivating effect that is enhanced by the simple piano melody and quietly sad tone of the song.

The production team for the MV praised Lee Yoon Ji for her acting prowess, after she brought herself to tears in mere seconds for the filming.

The mini-album was help produced by other famous musicians such as Yiruma, Hwang Seong Jae, Kim Jin Hwan, and Song Yang Ha, and promises to deliver a higher level of perfection, completed by Tim’s mature and honest vocal color.

“A Long Day” was made available online on November 16 and will be available for sale in stores on November 17. Tim will also be holding his first solo concert in six years to celebrate the release of his new mini-album on November 20.

Here is the MV teaser for “A Long Day” by Tim: