Electroboyz Release MV for Latest Single "Ma Boy2"

Brave Entertainment‘s hip-hop group Electroboyz has revealed their music video for the track, “Ma Boy 2” from their latest release. “Rebirth” is the second single album from Electroboyz and is set to drop on November 17. “Ma Boy 2” is a follow-up song to the April single, “Ma Boy” released by SiSTAR’s duo-unit SiSTAR19. The track and music video feature Sistar’s leader Hyorin. Hyorin gives a perfect performance starring in the video as the boys alluring love interest, while providing a sweet compliment to the fellas’ vocals throughout the track.

A few days prior to the video’s release, the group publicized their latest addition, which turned out to be a new member. Chakun was revealed as the group’s third member. He is a singer-songwriter chosen by members Maboos and 1kyne.  Fans first had a glimpse of Chakun’s talents as he collaborated with Brave Brothers‘ for their single, “Break Up” lending his rap skills and vocals to the track. “Ma Boy 2” will be Chakun’s debut as a member of Electroboyz. He is a welcomed addition to this already brilliant up and coming group.

The video’s concept is colorful and fun which appropriately accompanies the tracks overall feel. With text, speech bubbles, and Ben-Day Dot filled backgrounds all of which makes the music video reminiscent of a romantic comic book come to life. All of the visual touches add to the video’s playfulness.  There is much debate amongst fans as to how they feel about 1kyne and Maboos hairstyles, yet they are fitting with the song’s  vibe and concept.

Another bonus is that “Ma Boy 2” is accessible to English speakers, because of the accurate use of English which pops up on screen. At times the text shows relevant English phrases matching the visuals or song, along with the occasional translations of the Korean lyrics. For those K-Pop fans not (yet) entirely comfortable with the Korean language it certainly is appreciated.  Other K-Pop videos could learn a thing or two about the use of English from this video if they want to appeal to a wider, more international audience.

Be sure to look out for Electroboyz as they begin promotions for their album “Rebirth”. But for now checkout “Ma Boy 2” below.