Rain’s Military Training Photos Released

On November 17, photos of Rain receiving military commendations were leaked through an online café. Rain seems to have lost some weight in the first photo, but still looks healthy as he flashes a smile at the camera in the second picture.

The caption said Rain received an award for the “respect” category, based on his leadership for younger soldiers and high score at the shooting range. It was previously reported that Rain got 19 out of 20 shots on target for weekend training and all 10 shots on target at night shooting.

Netziens who saw the picture commeted, “Rain’s lost so much weight,” “He still looks great,” and “Even the scar on his nose looks sexy.”

On the same day, Rain’s family visited his boot camp base. He will receive another three-week training program before heading to army’s 5th division to serve as an assistant trainer, where he will train new recruits.