Mnet M Countdown 11.17.2011

The Wonder Girls‘ “Be My Baby” was named “Song Of The Week”.

The Wonder Girls, T-ara and Electroboyz’ girls and boyz were full of tears for their comeback stages today. Seo In Young, RANIA, BoM and LED Apple had “Oh My Gosh” worthy comebacks, while A-ble and WE made their debuts.

The following artists didn’t need the MAMAs to showcase their award winning music today: SNSD, TRAX, Son Ho Young, Lee Ji Hye, Noel and M.I.B.

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby + G.N.O


SNSD – How Great Is Your Love (Special Stage- Spring)


T-ara – Cry Cry + (Ballad Version)

 Seo In Young – Oh My Gosh + Loser


TRAX – Windows

Son Ho Young (ft. Bizzy) – Pretty But Hateful (Pretty Ugly)

LED Apple – Someone Met By Chance

Lee Ji Hye – Rocket Power

Electroboyz ft. SISTAR’s Hyo RinMa Boy 2

Noel –  I Miss You

WE – The Rain


A-ble – I Love You …

Credits: @mnetmcountdown, Newsen, BNT, Sport Korea and yt cr: shu3515027