DBSK is the “Beautiful Duo” for 1st Look

1st Look,” a Korean entertainment lifestyle magazine, unveiled its photos of group DBSK, under the title, “Beautiful Duo.”

DBSK is the cover story for ninth volume of this magazine, released November 17. Yunho and Changmin are sporting the brand they are the spokesperson for, Lacoste, to achieve a classic and clean autumn look.

The staff of the photo shoot revealed that while the weather was extremely cold on the day of the photo shoot, the temperature inside the studio was warmed up by the duo’s romantic smiles.

The cover story also features a round up of DBSK’s 2011 activities, which ranged from successful album releases in both South Korean and Japan, to concerts all over the world.

Changmin and Yunho also revealed in the interview, “Yunho has the handsome nose, while Changmin has the pretty eyes.”

You can check that out for yourselves through the pictures below.