Jung Il Woo: "If I Don’t Work Hard, It Shows."

1st Look,” a Korean entertainment lifestyle magazine, covered Jung Il Woo for its ninth volume, out November 17.

In the article, Jung Il Woo talks about his acting philosophy, stating, “If I don’t work hard, it shows. Other people might not be able to notice, but I know. I think, ‘Ah, I didn’t try hard so its not coming out right,’ and this hurts me. So when I start a project, I don’t think about anything else. That way, I feel better about myself. Because I am working hard.”

Jung Il Woo is currently filming for tvN’s popular drama, “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” which is rating well in terms of a cable drama. The shooting schedule is already nearing a live-shoot style, after only airing six episodes out of its sixteen. So Jung Il Woo has no time to think about anything else, especially dating.

When asked about dating, though, Jung Il Woo revealed, “Before I used to like a more charismatic style but in the past few years, my ideal type has changed. Shall I call it an “angel” style, because she needs to be able to understand that I can’t pay her much attention while I am working.” Because of the unpredictable nature of his career, Jung Il Woo prefers someone who can understand his work, someone who has both a “bright” personality and looks.

Jung Il Woo also talked about his first experience as a stage actor earlier this year for “Beautiful Sunday.” He reflected, “I newly learned how to act through the theater. A lot of my fears disappeared. Through the theater, I got a lot of practice and confidence.”

Jung Il Woo also said that if given the chance, he would like to return to the stage. He can’t forget the feeling that he got from seeing someone cry because of his acting while he was on stage. It seems like the theater helped Jung Il Woo experience the thrill of acting and being able to move someone’s heart.

Jung Il Woo also posed for the camera to complete the article. Check out the photos below.