Kim Ha Neul’s Middle School Report Card and Picture Revealed

Actress Kim Ha Neul’s middle school picture has been revealed.

The actress visited her alma mater on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.” She enjoyed her time with her juniors and constantly portrayed her honest charm.

The episode gained interest more than ever for Kim Ha Neul’s report card unexpectedly being revealed.

Kim Ha Neul’s unidentified past picture has garnered attention first and foremost. It is hard to imagine her younger appearance opposite from today’s bright cheerful self. The picture shows Kim Ha Neul with darker skin tone and an expressionless face.

She stated, “I think this is a picture from my middle school days. I had a difficult time trying to smile so I did not have much pictures of me smiling.”

On her report card teachers commented, “She is nice and has a kind heart but sometimes can be dependent.” It was also revealed that Kim Ha Neul excelled in physical education as she admitted, “I only did well in P.E., the teachers would always pick me to act as the simulation coach.”