JYJ’s Junsu Donates Unwashed Jersey for Charity

Group JYJ recently participated in the Naver online charity campaign, “Happy Energy.” The campaign collects donations to help low-income children. JYJ, to encourage more donations, provided their own personal items.

Jaejoong donated books that he read and signed, Yoochun gave his recently used passport wallet, and Junsu donated his soccer jersey shirt. Junsu is currently the captain of a Suwon soccer team, “FC Men.”

It was revealed through an interview that Junsu wore the jersey for a practice game before giving it to “Happy Energy.” Yoochun was introducing the items and noticed that Junsu’s shirt was still moist. Junsu sheepishly and quietly revealed that he didn’t have time to wash the jersey.

Well, as Yoochun noted, “This type of jersey IS to hard to get.”

Here is the clip of the interview: