Preview of U-Kiss’ Japanese Single "Tick Tack" Revealed

A sneak peek of U-Kiss’ upcoming music video for their single, “Tick Tack” was shown this morning on Japanese TV. Even though the voices of the anchors are heard speaking over the track, one can get a sense of the sound and video’s concept.

Fittingly, the boys are seen showing off their dancing prowess in front of a giant clock in stylish gray suits. Kevin and Soohyun‘s impressive vocals can briefly be heard in the teaser as well. “Tick Tack” will be U-Kiss’ official Japanese debut single. It is an addictive dance track with a powerful beat that certainly will make a positive first impression.

Last week, Soompi shared a teaser image of the members of U-Kiss from their upcoming Japanese album. The photo came via JD Relic’s Facebook page and showed off the album’s visual concept and title. The mini album will also be named, “Tick Tack”.

Look out Japan because the boys of U-Kiss are coming next month! “Tick Tack” is scheduled to be released on December 14. December can’t come soon enough, but for now check out the teaser below.

What are your thoughts on the teaser and track so far?