Is Lee Hyori Still a "Sexy Queen"?

“Sexy Queen” icon Lee Hyori has changed over the years.

Slowly. Since her album “H-Logic” was released in 2010 last year, she has taken a long break from artist activities. We are no longer able to see her down-to-earth personality and easy-going smile on variety shows. In a recently released UV music video, we were able to see her face intermittently but aside from that and the occasional interview, Lee Hyori is almost never on television anymore.

However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t active anymore. Although it’s hard to see her face on television nowadays, she communicates and interacts with her fans more than ever on Twitter. From small matters to political polls, Lee Hyori uses her Twitter to let her fans know what she is doing. With just one click of a mouse, we know where she is, what she is doing, and what she is thinking about.

Lee Hyori’s sexy appeal on stage and her open personality on show programs has shown us a lot about this iconic figure, but through Twitter, she has opened the door to the world a little more. She is honest, real, and genuine. Moreover, instead of seeing her as a celebrity, we can now see her as a person.

Posting hot topics like political polls, Lee Hyori may be pressured into becoming “social-tainers,” like Kim Jae Dong and Kim Yeo Jin. While we’re not sure as to what the future holds, one thing is for sure: she is showing a side of her through donations, volunteering, and campaigns that we would never get to see through just TV broadcasts.

After all, she is a real human being. Netizens were shocked at pictures of Hyori wearing leather jackets when she said she was against poaching animals for fur. To respond to this, she didn’t go out of her way to make herself look good. Instead, she simply said, “I’m not a perfect person, I’m human too. I believe that it isn’t right but it’s going to take me multiple times to stop myself. I’m going to take things one step at a time and keep trying.”

While we might not see her advertising products in commercials showcasing her perfect abs, this new side of her opens up our eyes. Celebrities are people too. She may not be quite the perfect sexy singer she used to be, but we love the human Hyori just the same.

Currently, she is actively participating in supporting organic animals with her pet dog Soon Shim. She’s taken a few photo shoots, and is planning on having a calendar shoot to support and protect organic animals. Her persistent and genuine dedication for her work is what makes her just like the rest of us – regular human beings with a passion for something.

Whatever you do, we wish you the best. We will welcome you with open arms when you resume your other activities.