Third Episode of Lee Min Ho’s Toyota Camry “One and Only” Released [Recap]

The much anticipated third episode of Lee Min Ho’s Toyota Camry “One and Only” web series has just been released. In case you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend you watch it right away! This is perhaps one of the best auto commercials I’ve seen in a long time with a tight storyline, good acting, and a few funny moments here and there. It also does a good job of incorporating Camry’s unique features in the storyline, without making it look too awkward.

The basic storyline so far has been Joon (the good Lee Min Ho) waking up from a coma, without having any idea of who or where he is. But his Camry helps him trace back his lost memories (Camry can do it all) and later he discovers his twin brother Kwon (the evil one) is the mastermind behind the whole plot. Joon finds out Kwon has escaped from prison and set up the whole accident that caused his memory loss, so he could take away Joon’s girlfriend, Sohee, who’s about to get married to him now. 


The story takes a dramatic turn as Joon gets in touch with Sohee’s friend, Jihyun, and heads to the wedding. On his way, he faces a couple bikers who try to chase him down, but using Camry’s turbo system, he easily shakes them off. Finally, he gets to face Kwon at the wedding where the two bicker and both claim to be the real Joon. But Sohee, being true to her soon-to-be-groom, trusts the evil brother. While being forced out, Joon suddenly stops and yells, “The Camry! The Camry will prove it all!” but the episode stops right there, leaving us all hanging.


You can watch the video and full series here! The final episode gets released on December 1, so make sure you check back!

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