Kangta and Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Tek’s Special Past

A special past between Lim Yoon Taek, a member of Ulala Session, who were the winners of Mnet’s “Superstar K3,” and ex-H.O.T. member, Kangta has been revealed. 

On November 17, two pictures were posted on an online community site with the title, “Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Taek and Kangta in the Past.”

In the revealed picture, both Kangta and Lim Yoon Taek are in their army uniforms. In the first picture, Lim Yoon Taek is making a playful pose while Kangta poses with his thumbs up.The second picture seems to be a capture of Lim Yoon Taek passing by Kangta.

It turns out that these two became acquainted as they starred in the musical “Mine,” during their military service days in October of 2008. Lim Yoon Taek is currently famous for being the sturdy and charismatic leader of Ulala Session, despite his illness. Apparently, Lim Yoon Taek was the leader of the dance team for “Mine” as well.

Netizens who came across these pictures said, “Wow. I watched that musical back then and I can’t believe Lim Yoon Taek was in it,” “He was good-looking back then too. I guess his hair was longer back then,” “I can’t believe he was friends with Kangta!” and so on.

What a pleasant surprise!