Celebrity Trainer Sean Lee Comments on SNSD’s Figure

Celebrity sports trainer Sean Lee highly praised the body figure of SNSD

On the episode of SBS “Diet Survival Victory,” Sean Lee made many positive comments on SNSD’s figure. He analyzed SNSD’s body lines with a professional eye.  He pointed out that Sooyoung has a naturally fit body whereas Yuri’s body is a result of hard work. He especially praised Yuri’s efforts as Yuri is known to be a workout enthusiast. 

Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun guest starred in this episode of “Diet Survival Victory” to help the dieting participants achieve a perfect body line. They cheered on the finalists of the show to take on the “Making SNSD Legs” challenge by sharing tips and know-hows. 

The girls of SNSD also commented on their own and each other’s bodies. When MC Shin Dong Yup asked Seohyun who she thought had the best body out of SNSD, she answered, “Sunny is short but she has good proportions.” Sooyoung, who was chosen to have the best legs of the group said, “I’m worried because I’m too thin. I’m jealous of Yuri’s healthy body.”

You can catch this episode on November 20 to see the finalists take on the “Making SNSD Legs” challenge as well as SNSD’s everyday health tips. Don’t miss it!