Wonder Girls’ Yoobin Goes Blonde for Singles Magazine Photo Shoot

The Wonder Girls’ Yoobin went blonde for the upcoming pictorial by Singles Magazine. The photo shoot, titled “Transformation to a blonde Mathilda,” was designed by Yoobin herself. “Yoobin’s the first celebrity to request a pre-photo session meeting and actually come up with her own photo shoot concept,” a magazine official said. The name “Mathilda” in the title is in reference to the female character of 90’s movie, “The Professional (Leon),” played by Natalie Portman.

The preview of the pictorial also included an excerpt from their interview with the Wonder Girls’ rapper. Here’s a translation of the interview:

Q: The Wonder Girls are a vocal-heavy group. Did you ever feel left out because of the short rap part?

A: I don’t think it’s something to feel sad about. I’m in charge of the rap, but it wouldn’t make sense to force rap into a song that doesn’t need it. The overall quality of the song is more important than the length of my rap.

Q: As a female rapper, how do you think female rappers are viewed in Korea?

A: I think a lot more people like us because the music genre has diversified lately. It’s not just hip hop, but I think the general public is now more open to different types of music. I think all the audition programs played a big role in it. We learn from the audition programs too.

Q: Do people notice you on the streets in the U.S.?

A: Oh, we have a long way to go. Since we have strong concepts on stage, people think we’re just five regular Asian girls when we walk around in normal attire (smiles). We had more freedom in the States. Our members love good food, so we just walked around in regular sweat pants with no makeup on. All of our members have different taste, so we had a lot of things, like Mexican, Greek, and Indian food. One of my favorite Greek restaurants bakes salmon, spinach, and cream sauce in bread, and it’s really good. I’ll let you know if you visit New York.

The full pictorial and interview will be released in the December issue of Singles Magazine!