Acting Coach of SNSD, Siwon, Song Joong Ki, and Jeon Ji Hyun Wants You to Join the Soompi Ulzzang Contest!

Ahn Hyuk Mo, the director of Sidus HQ’s acting academy C.A.S.T., has sent Soompi a special video message with some valuable advice on how to make it big in the Korean entertainment industry. As the acting coach of some of the top stars, including SNSD’s Jessica, Yuri, YoonA, Super Junior’s Siwon, Son Dam Bi, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Song Joong Ki, Ahn Hyuk Mo is one of the most respected and well-known instructors in the field.

Having worked with many aspiring actors and singers in the past, Ahn Hyuk Mo said he’s seen a lot of talented people struggle without clear direction. “The passion and raw talent should be a given. That’s your foundation. But in addition that that, you should be able to say I’m as good as this person, or better than that person – you need that standard,” he says in the video.

You can win a chance to work with him and get trained by some of the most talented acting coaches in the industry by joining the 2011 Soompi Ulzzang Contest. The top eight finalists will be given free lessons in Korea, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to win, try your luck here