Kara’s "Super Girls" Album is Number One on Japanese iTunes

Kara’s new album, titled “Super Girl” is currently the number one download on iTunes in Japan.

On October 23, Kara released their second official Japanese album “Super Girl”, and by November 16 released the album for download availability on the iTunes store. By ranking number one on the top downloads, Kara has once again shown its immense popularity, not just in the Korean entertainment industry, but on a Hallyu level as well.

“Super Girl” contains their previous Japanese songs “Jet Coaster Love,” “Go Go Summer,” and “Winter Magic” along with an added bonus of their older songs “Mister”, “Jumping”, and “Step”.

In December of last year, Kara sold over 400,000 albums for “Girls Talk”. A representative from their agency stated, “The albums will be released in three versions. Each version will have its own exclusive DVD showing the behind-the-scenes, along with special pictures. We hope to show Kara’s various charms and talents, so please support them.”

Hard copies of Kara’s second Japanese album will officially be in stores by November 23.