Kim Yuna Shows Off Her Powerful Charisma on Harper’s Bazaar’s December Cover

Olympic figure skating queen Kim Yuna showcased her powerful charisma on the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s December issue.

There are three versions of the cover, all presenting the different charms of this charismatic athlete. With a black leather jacket and shorts, she radiates luxury and comfort in a poofy black shawl. Defined smokey makeup focuses her eyes, which hold a strong gaze at the viewer. Loose, wavy hair gives a chic image.

In the second cover, she has a provocative charm. A reddish purple background color lends a mysterious feeling to the photo. Her lips are the same hue as the background color of the cover. Dark cat eye makeup once again brings out her eye, while the other one is covered with a unique looking hat.

The last version is a full body shoot, showcasing her slender body and unique dress. She sits atop a rather tall chair, giving the impression of a doll. The one piece dress and laced up boots give her a feminine appeal.

Currently, Kim Yuna is on a temporary break in Korea and plans to further her studies while continuing training.

Which cover do you like the best?