Hwang Jung Eum Flaunts Shape-ups Leggings for "Sketchers" Photo Shoot

Actress Hwang Jung Eum has revealed her curvaceous bodyline.

The actress is garnering attention for the photo shoot from the sports brand “Sketchers.” In the photos she portrays a chic beauty and firm abs—aside from her usual cute and bright charm.

The photos also show Hwang Jung Eum flaunting tight black leggings and white tank top—emphasizing her curves.

Her poses focus on her bodyline by having her lie on her side or facing back with her head turned.

The photo shoot advertises the shape-ups leggings that support firmness and slimness on the body.

An official stated, “The shape-ups leggings helped Hwang Jung Eum show her healthiness and other charms such as chic beauty, which contributed a lot for the photo shoot.”