T-ara’s Powerful Stage Performance on Music Bank

On November 18, T-ara had their comeback stage on KBS’sMusic Bank.” Their stage presence while performing their title song “Cry Cry” drew much attention with usage of props, such as canes and handkerchiefs.

Dressed in matching outfits of blue leather, the members of T-ara gave off a commanding aura that instantly grabbed the audience’s eyes and showed the power of uniformity. Singing “Cry Cry” in two different versions, ballad and dance, T-ara managed to balance two different genres into conveying the same message of lament and wanting that appears after a recent break up- the theme that “Cry Cry” originally tried to articulate.

Especially noticeable was Jiyeon’s recently transformed hairstyle and Boram’s surprising tap-dancing skills displayed in the middle of the performance. Altogether, T-ara’s wardrobe and new transformation signaled a level of maturity not yet noticed before, which was the main characteristic given off from their comeback stage.

Before T-ara went on stage, they stated that “There are two things that have changed with us: one is that we have shorter hairstyles and two is our powerful performance. Expect something big.”

Indeed, there is no doubt that fans and audience members alike were satisfied.