New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 November Week 3

Miss $ Vol. 2 – Miss Terious (Nov. 24)


01 Who Are You To Say (Feat. Jung Seul Gi)
02 Why Do You Think I’m Acting This Way (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Lim Da Hye)
03 A Woman’s Scent (feat. Taeil of Block B, Lim Da Hye)
04 Why Are You Like This (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Lim Da Hye)
05 Who Was the One That Dumped Me (feat. Jung Seul Gi)
06 Over (feat. Ji Eun)
07 It’s Not Over (feat. Block B)
08 Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi)
09 Over (INST)

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Miss $ returns this month with their second album. Their title track is “Why Do You Think I’m Acting This Way” and it features Jung Seul Gi who serves as the main vocal for this song. Also included in the album are “A Woman’s Scent” which features Block B’s main vocalist Taeil. With the help of Block B, new colors and styles can be seen in this new album.


Jang Woo Hyuk – Back To The Memories (released)


01 Fireworks (feat. Da Sona)
02 Not Go (feat. Ben)
03 Shout to Memory (feat. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)
04 Diary (feat. Nusoul)

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Jang Woo Hyuk returns with his fourth mini-album titled, “Back to the Memories”. There are a total of four new songs, all of which are medium-tempo ballad numbers. Following the theme of “back in time”, the first track, “Fireworks” showcases the singer’s fierce rap while the second track, “Not Go” was produced by Pop Time and singer songwriter Nusoul. Ben, also known as the female 4men is also featured in this song. The title track is “Shout to Memory”, which showcases another side of the singer. Jang personally picked the producing team for this song and Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna is also featured in this song. Last but not least, “Diary” is a medium-tempo number composed by rookie producing team, Radio Galaxy.


Kim Dong Ryul – Kimdongryule (released)


01 Prayer
02 It’s Christmas
03 Christmas Gift
04 Hibernation
05 Brand New Start (feat. Park Sae Byul)
06 A Winter Night’s Dream
07 Replay
08 The Way We Live In This World (feat. Friends)

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Kim Dong Ryul returns after four months with a Christmas album. The title track is “Replay”, a ballad track that brings forth the singer’s vocals. The song is about somehow forgetting about one’s ex-lover after years and years of constant thinking and blaming oneself. The beautiful string elements is a plus to this song.


Gavy NJ (single) – Go (released)


01 Go
02 Go INST

Gavy NJ releases the perfect ballad song for this season titled, “Go”. It is a special song for fans as it is the last song member Jang Hee Young will take part in before withdrawing from the group. This sad ballad number is about sending one’s lover away even if it hurts. The beautiful piano melody helps bring forth this mood. The song was composed by Min Myung Ki who has also written songs for SG Wannabe and Davichi.


Dynamic Duo (single) – 6th Digilog ½ (released)


01 Until The Sun Rises (Girl)
02 Until The Sun Rises (Girl) INST

Dynamic Duo releases the first song off their sixth album titled, “Until the Sun Rises”. It has already been ten years since the hip-hop duo’s debut and this song will only show music lovers the determination and creativity of the group.


Rania – Time To Rock Da Show (released)

01 Time to Rock Da Show
02 Pop Pop Pop
03 Goodbye
04 Pop Pop Pop INST

Rookie group, Rania who had received a lot of attention during their debut for working with top producer Teddy Riley, has returned with a new album titled, “Time to Rock Da Show”. This time, the girls have worked with Asia’s top hit maker, The Brave Brothers as well as one of Brave Sound company’s producer, “Star Wars”. The album begins with an intro, “Time to Rock Da Show”, an addictive number with catchy lyrics. The title track is “Pop Pop Pop”, a powerful dance track while the last track is “Goodbye”, an R&B number with hip-hop beats.

Other Releases:
Jung Jun Il – Lo9ve3r4 (Nov. 22)
Paxe – Peromonstar Vol. 1 (Nov. 22)
2NE1 – 1st Live Concert: Nolza (Nov. 22)
Gate – Because I’m a Woman (Nov. 22)
Chun Sang Hyuk – I’ll See You There (Nov. 22)
Soul Dream – Vol. 1 Soul Dream (Nov. 24)
Coffee Fiesta – Vol. 2 Overcome (Nov. 24)

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