[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Nov. 19 Episode

Jang Woo♡Eun Jung:  The great daughter-in-law and the not so great(?) son

Jang Woo – Eun Jung has invited her mother-in-law over and is serving her lunch. Eun Jung’s own style of sprout bibimbap and seaweed soup is the menu, what will her mother-in-law’s response be after she has tasted these dishes? Also Eun Jung truthfully tells her mother in law about the things that she finds disappointing about Jang Woo, what will these be?

After their meal, her mother-in-law brings out a photo that she has specially brought with her and contains photos of Jang Woo from his youth. Revealed for the first time on TV, Jang Woo’s all-nude(?) photo and his photos from the time he was called the “Lee Dong Wook of Woomyundong.” Woo-Jung couple also show off their cute and sweet show in front of her mother-in-law and what is the one wish that her mother-in-law has that she hopes that the couple will take to heart?

Meanwhile, Eun Jung has to leave the house due to a prior schedule, leaving her mother-in-law and her husband behind at home. What kind of conversations will Jang Woo and his mother have while Eun Jung isn’t at home?

Won Joon♡So Hyun : So Won Couple arrives at their new home

After learning the youthfulness exercises that So Hyun proposed, the couple decides to go on a walk alongside the Han River. While the couple is enjoying a peaceful date for the first time in days, they suddenly get a phone call, what about this phone call cause Won Joon, who has regained his youthfulness, to suddenly and rapidly gain age?

So-Won Couple eventually ends up moving to a new house. Won Joon arrives at the new house first and to repay So Hyun for making him his “Won Joon Room” last time, he decides to secretly make a “So Hyun room” before she arrives. Taking into the fact that So Hyun wanted to live in a traditional Korean house, he designs “So Hyun Room” to reflect her tastes, what will it look like and with So-Won couple reaching their 200th day anniversary, what is the presents they have prepared for each other?

Lee Teuk♡Sora: The secret that they cannot reveal.

Lee Teuk and Sora have met for the first time since the Film Festival. They confirm their red carpet and stage missions together, did any of them succeed in their mission?

Sora has prepared a special date for Lee Teuk and they decided to travel by bus as a way of reminiscing about their school days. They arrive at their destination and it’s Lee Teuk’s old school. They go to the sports field and start conversing. But then, Sora suddenly disappears, where has she gone?

While waiting for Sora, Lee Teuk receives a note and then starts to go somewhere. Wife Sora is playing a piece on the piano for Lee Teuk. What is the special event that Sora has prepared for Lee Teuk?

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