[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – Nov. 19 Episode

“Infinity Challenge, the 2nd TV War★

Last week, we saw several channels brutally wiped off the map after a fierce battle but the real battle starts now. After a fierce battle there is just two channels remaining, their fiery competition begins!

#Who will become the last remaining person?

They make a strategic retreat. Myung Soo had swiftly run away thanks to a report from Gil but he still can’t solve this mystery no matter how much he thinks it over. Will he finally complete his “Pythagoras’ Theorem” and figure out the link between this game and the tail grabbing game. Meanwhile, there is close game of hide and seek being held at the Yongsan Media Headquarters. Sudden Attacks Vs Rock Solid Defence, their cameraman is in peril, how will this situation conclude?

Hide like a butterfly and sting like bee, Yoo Jae Suk TV’s absorbing “Operation: Sweep away Jung Jun Ha.” And an amazing battle is formed out of sheer luck, Park Myung Soo TV Vs Gil TV’s enclosed elevator battle! The sprint towards eradicating your competitor’s TV channel never ends. After this thrilling round of battle, which two channels will remain till the very end and engage in the 2nd round of battles.  

#The battle now begins, the final battle has now started.

The two TV Channels finally being their fateful battle. The owners of the two channels create a team with the members that they have discovered. It’s a fierce battle right from the start; the TV Broadcasters begin an aggressive marketing campaign. The final mission to decide the final winner of this war. It’s now a battle of ratings, they need to produce an hour long TV Program! Starting with program planning, to recruiting guests and MCing it as well.

The members need to create a live broadcast show on their own. Channel A makes thorough preparations, going through program concept, clothing and props. Channel B on the other hand believe that ratings will rise if they get guests. They concentrate all their efforts on recruiting guests by deploying all their connections. It’s not easy preparing a program and there is trouble all over the place. The two channels finally complete all their preparations and are ready to begin airing, will they be able to successfully go live on air?

#The passionate ratings war. Who will be the victor?

After a long period of meetings and preparations, they finally go live on air! Through the TV installed at the square, the citizens can watch the programs live! If they are uninteresting for even a second then the competitor’s channel will steal your viewers! Channel A tries to win over the viewers with extremely funny makeup, fun music and dancing. They invoke a sense of freshness and understanding with the first ever Series style skit and by getting citizen participation. On the other hand Channel B has armed themselves with an army of amazing guests! Song Joong Ki and SNSD. The top stars are out in force.

The viewer’s choice goes backwards and forward between the channels and the cold and immediate responses causes the members to get flustered. How will the two broadcasters adjust to the constantly changing live results? Which channel will win the hearts and mind of the viewers?

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