Narsha’s Photoshoot for Levi’s Bodywear

Recently, Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls showed off her toned body through a photoshoot for Levi’s Bodywear (

These Levi’s Bodywear’s promotional photos are for the December issue of Marie Claire. In these photos, the refined image of Narsha seems to complement Levi’s Bodywear’s innocent theme. One of the main styles defined in these photos include a funky look that’s portrayed by a combination of denim print, leather jacket, and bustiere checkered short pants.

Narsha is already well-known for her ideal body type and it was even confirmed by a diet trainer named Sean Lee during a TV program. An acquaintance of this photoshoot commented, “ Narsha was able to portray her purely alluring side through this photoshoot. Her look and Levi’s Bodywear’s distinguished design and refined sense of fashion successfully completed this photoshoot.”

During this promotion, Levi’s Bodywear will be releasing original designs such as checkered patterns inspired by the concept of heritage and underwear designed with neon typography to reemphasize a sexy look as well as to reinterpret their main style for underwear. You can check out more details on Narsha’s photoshoot with Levi’s Bodywear through Marie Claire’s December issue.