YoonA Spotted in Elementary School Social Studies Textbook

A netizen spotted an image of SNSD member YoonA in an elementary school social studies textbook and has uploaded it onto a online community message board. From there, the image has spread rapidly through various social network services (SNS) like Twitter and Facebook.

The image is a photograph of YoonA casting her vote during an election and is featured in a chapter titled “Elections and Voting.”

Netizens were impressed and exclaimed in a flurry of comments, “YoonA is pretty even when she’s voting,” “SNSD makes appearances even in textbooks,” “All SNSD members should appear in the middle school music textbooks,” “Not anyone can appear in textbooks. SNSD is indeed daebak!” “If she appears in the high school social studies textbook, there will be more incentive to study,” “Let’s vote the way YoonA does.”

Here are more press photos of YoonA during the recent mayoral election on October 26.