Wonder Girls Release First Two Episodes of ‘Wonder Girl’s 1st on Air’ for [Real WG]

The Wonder Girls released two new episodes of [Real WG] titled ‘Wonder Girl’s 1st on Air‘ today on their Youtube channel. Similar to the [Real 2PM] series, they show off various behind the scenes footage.

The first episode follows them backstage at their recent Music Bank and Music Core comeback performances. miss A members Fei, Min and Jia also stop by to show their support. 

Yubin thanked the fans for attending since it had been only four days since the college entrance exams. Sunye also mentioned that she was surprised to see many foreign fans in the audience too.

In the second episode they are preparing for their Inkigayo performance. In support of the girls, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon said that he was glad to meet with them while he was an Inkigayo MC. They day of their comeback was his last episode as an MC for the show. At the end, Sunye teaches the the group NOEL the “Be My Baby” choreography


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