BoA Releases Music Video for "Milestone"

BoA’s new Japanese music video “Milestone” was released by MTV Japan today.

The music video for this ballad song features her singing in various places and looking stunning throughout. The first seems to be an abandoned performance hall. This is followed by scenes of her in a car and on the streets of a big city. The ending has her singing on a rooftop, having a beautiful sunset in the background.

As she continues to have an amazing career, BoA is now celebrating her ‘milestone’ 10th year since her debut in Japan. After first debuting in Korea in 2000, she had already started on overseas promotions a year later as a 14 year old. 

Her new DVD single “Milestone” will be released on December 7 and will include a documentary of her 10 year long career. 

Congratulations to BoA for all she has accomplished, and we wish her good luck on her many more years to come.