Singer-actor Rain has filed a suit against Well Made Star M Company, demanding 4 billion won (around USD 3.5 million) as settlement for a cancelled concert in Hawaii in 2007 and damage to his reputation.

According to local news agencies, it was Rain’s father who filed the suit on his behalf after the singer entered the military on October 11. The case stems from the cancellation of a concert due to be held in Hawaii in June 2007. When the concert did not push through, Rain had to pay the promoter, Click Entertainment for lost income. Korean courts had previously found Well Made Star M Company at fault for the cancellation, but instead of moves towards reparation and apology, Well Made Star M had filed a suit against Rain.

Rain’s lawyer said, “This has made Rain’s father upset, and thus decided to sue Well Made Star M Company for damage to his son’s reputation.”

Well Made Star M Company is known for being the management agency of actress Ha Ji Won and rookie group AA