Song Joong Ki for GQ

Here’s Song Joong Ki in a decidedly strange spread for GQ. Normally I’m a fan of quirky, but this one’s just plain weird. For one, they’ve got the torso and legs of a woman standing there like a headless prop, which drives me batty. (Objectify much? Seriously, “Mr. Scarecrow” got better treatment than her.) And secondly, is it just me, or does he look AFRAID of what might be under that teeny tiny bikini?

I know, you’re thinking I look for this stuff. But seriously, this one just fell in my lap. Doesn’t he look afraid of what headless female torso represents? Unless she’s actually headless, in which case I’m clearly reading too much into it and he should be afraid. Maybe the zombies got to her.

Maybe someone can photoshop me a retraction — a head on our female model and some equal opportunity nekkidness up in here? The things a girl’s gotta do to right the wrongs in her day…

Via Chosun Ilbo

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