Kara's Park Gyuri Continues Musical Activities Despite Vocal Chord Nodules

Kara’s Park Gyuri was recently diagnosed with tied-up vocal chords (vocal chord nodules), but despite that, she is continuing rehearsals and not taking rest. 

On November 23, Kara’s management, DSP Media, said that Park Gyuri, who took on the lead role for “200 Pounds Beauty,” felt a strangeness in her throat during practice and went to the hospital. She was then diagnosed with vocal chord nodules. 

It seems that Kara’s incredibly busy schedule, going back and forth from Korea to Japan, and even giving a musical performance in Japan gave much strain to her throat. The hospital strongly urged Gyuri to take some rest but she is continuing with musical rehearsals, albeit watching out for her condition.

The musical production staff discussed the possibility of delaying the start date of the musical, which was originally December 6, because they were worried about Gyuri. However, she politely declined and has not stopped rehearsing.

Sources from her management say, “Gyuri has successfully finished the musical in Japan last October. But in order to match the Korean audience and tastes, she is practicing the lines and the songs all over again since there have been quite some changes.”

According to Park Gyuri, she believes that it isn’t right to break the promise with the audience when the musical start date is so close. She said, “No matter what my body condition is like, a promise to the audience should not be broken, no matter what excuse I give. I wanted to prepare a greater performance but it’s hard because of the state of my voice. I am very upset but I am trying very hard to recover in order to fulfill my responsibilities on stage.”

Park Gyuri’s professionalism should be applauded but we really hope for her speedy recovery.

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