2AM Promotes in Japan with Giant Billboards

Giant billboards with promotional pictures of 2AM have found their way into several places in downtown Tokyo. 

On November 22, the billboards with the members of 2AM dressed in trendy black outfits and the words, “K-Pop No. 1 Vocal Group,” were put up in several different locations including Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Beginning with the installations of these billboards, 2AM has started their promotions for their Japanese debut single “Never Let You Go, which will be released in January of next year. On November 9, 2AM’s “Saint o’clock” album has risen to the third spot on the Oricon Charts. This further increased anticipation for their debut single.  

In other news, 2AM will reach out to their Korean fans through a Christmas concert in the Seoul Jamsil Student Gymnasium from December 24 to December 25.