Women’s Winter Fashion Trends in Korea 2011


Hello! My name is Cherie, and I’m here today to inform you guys about this coming winter fashion trends in Korea, from head to toe! I’ll be covering more trends for different genders if this article gets positive feedback, so please let me know of what you want to see more! 🙂


Today, I’ll cover the biggest trends among coats(trench and safari), bottoms(skirt leggings and skinny jeans), and dresses(chiffon, lace, and sweater)! Please scroll down to read below in detail!


  • Trench coats—short, long, or medium length, trench coats can create an elegant yet chic look.

Lee Min Jung with the beige trench coat and nude colored cloth platform heels! 

Park Soo Jin, former member of 5-member girl group Sugar, with black skinny jeans and black lace-up heels! 🙂 Remember her from “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox“? 

SNSD’s Sooyoung with a cream-colored belt trench coat!

SNSD’s Tiffany

SNSD’s Yuri – You definitely won’t find this trenchcoat in your ordinary store..! 

T-ara’s Eunjung! I love the color blocking and matching on her coat! 

  • Safari jackets – Definitely a MUST-BUY for this winter. I actually bought my safari jumper from this store, and I strongly encourage you guys to buy one because I absolutely LOVED it! It’s perfect for temperatures 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s very comfortable and super trendy. Safari jumpers can literally be styled with anything. When worn with more feminine items, it creates an effect called “juxtaposition.” Styling two unlike elements can together can create a super fashionable look!

Actress Yoon Seung Ah and Shin Min Ah with khaki colored safari jumpers! 

This jumper can also be worn with a long loose sweater, skirt leggings(of course), and some western looking ankle boots!

Fur-padded for the cold winter–along with fur-padded walker boots and skirt-leggings!

Bottoms: Pencil Skirts — Pencil skirts are perfect for shaping your hips and making you look more feminine! 

A light beige pencil skirt matched with a white formal blouse and a quilt bag! (My favorite kind of bag!) 

  • Skinny jeans (fitted and spandex) – I cannot put into exact words how comfortable and warm stretchy skinny jeans are. They look like real jeans (they are not jeggings) and feel like real jeans, but they don’t have zippers. It’s super convenient!

 Park Han Byul matched her black faded out skinny jeans along with a white tanktop and black lace-up walker boots!

Shin Min Ah wore her sky-blue washed out demin jeans along with white strappy stiletto heels and a casual shirt!

  • Fur/sweater padded leggings – These are regular leggings with fur or sweater padded inside, so it’s perfect for the harsh winters.


Shin Se Kyung styled her sweater-padded leggings along with black ankle boots, gray shorts, and a white laced blouse!

  • Skirt leggings – skirt leggings are REALLY big this season(and possibly the biggest trend of Korea in 2011)! It’s super easy to match it with anything you want to wear! Use the leggings to your advantage, because it holds your flesh together, making your legs appear longer and skinnier!

 Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung with black skirt leggings with short black leather boots!

T-ara’s Hyomin with a gray blazer, black silk blouse, brown laceup ankle boots, and of course, skirt leggings!

Shoes:  Right now, leather ankle boots are hot!

  • Lace-up Boots

  • Walker Boots – They’re super comfortable! I have 3 pairs of walker boots in different colors and styles. J They can even out a super formal look to a trendy casual look! Walker boots were creatively changed from military boots, so they look very casual. In Korea, men wear walker boots too (SHINee in particular)!

  • Ankle Booties

 Dresses: Whether it be lace, chiffon, sweater, or cotton, dresses are super HOT in Korea right now. The cold winter isn’t going to daunt women from wearing these cute fashionable items!

Bagle girl (Baby-faced Glamorous body) Yu In Na is elegant with her black longsleeved laced dress, along with black leggings, and black lace-up platform boots.. and to tie the look together, she chose a weaved pearl necklace! Tres chic! 

  • Chiffon dresses

  • Lace dresses

Various Celebrities pulled off this adorable look!

  • Sweater Dresses


1. I can’t really find these clothes! Where to buy these absolutely adorable items?

  • I usually shop all my clothes from http://english.gmarket.co.kr/ ! Be careful to check the measurements and the double-check the shipping fees! It usually takes 10 business days to arrive, so take that into account! You can probably find Korean trends in Korean-owned stores such as Forever 21, or Asian-trendy stores such as H&M (I saw the shiny blue Secret Garden training jacket in there..Woot!).

Please leave me comments below if you want to see a particular trend in specific details, or any other things about beauty, culture, or lifestyles that you want to know more about! I promise I’ll read every single comment! 

This is no way an advertisement article and was solely the opinion of the article writer, and the research is done from multiple avant-garde shopping websites and popular general Korean public blogs.

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