More Details Surrounding Sun Ye’s Dating Confession

The Wonder Girls leader Sun Ye made a shocking revelation on SBS’ “Strong Heart” by confessing that she is “dating someone.”

This news comes in light of the recent news that the Wonder Girls were released from the “no-dating rule.”

Sun Ye is currently dating an older man that is a Korean American. This news is garnering attention because JYP is usually very sensitive on the issues of idols and dating. What is the reason behind Sun Ye confessing about her relationship? JYP’s support was probably a big help, it is being known that he said, “There is no reason for you to worry about revealing the relationship because of your popularity.” He also stated that Sun Ye should be more confident and honest in front of love.

After Sun Ye revealed the news about her relationship she also stated on her Twitter, “The reason I revealed my relationship is not in order to brag..^^ My being in a relationship is such happy and thankful news, it felt wrong for me to have to hide it… It is a blessing because so many people can share my happiness and also be happy for me.”

Regarding the reason why Sun Ye revealed her relationship on “Strong Heart,” an agency representative stated, “We spoke with Sun Ye on how she would reveal her relationship. She felt like she wanted to be more confident in front of fans. That is why she decided to reveal her relationship on television instead of interviews or more personal means.” 

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