Secret’s Hyosung Falls Down Stairs and Injures Legs

Secret‘s Jeon Hyosung  fell down the stairs and injured her leg and expressed her sorrow online.

On November 23, she posted on her Twitter, “It’s my first time ever putting on a cast. I’m so sad that I won’t be up on stage. I’m sad that only the rest of the three members have to go on stage. And I’m very sorry. I’m trying very hard to recover. Please don’t worry too much. I will get well soon. Thank you everyone.”

Hyosung was leaving her home when she tripped and fell down the stairs. She had to put a cast on both of her legs, which shocked fans. 

Sources from TS Entertainment say, “Her left kneecap has been ruptured and her right foot has been fractured. Currently, she has a cast on both legs and she will need to visit the hospital for about four weeks to complete her treatment.” 

Hyosung will not be attending the “Hallyu Expo” nor the “2011 Melon Music Awards” with the rest of her group. She is planning on resting for the time being and will not be able to resume normal activities until she is ready.

There have been a lot of idol injuries this week. Just yesterday we reported on Kara’s Gyuri having vocal nodules, and After School‘s Joo Yeon being hospitalized for kidney inflammation. We hope that everyone can get some rest and time to recover to full health.