U-KISS Unveils Short Version of Japanese MV "Tick Tack"

U-KISS is getting ready to enter the Japanese market! After releasing a teaser photo and a preview of their upcoming track, they have just unveiled the short version of their music video for “Tick Tack” on Avex’s official YouTube channel.

“Tick Tack” is an upbeat dance track with a strong beat. The music video of “Tick Tack” reveals a different side of U-KISS with its dark set design. In the video, they are dancing against the backdrop of an old, giant clock. The boys are shown in a dark room and are holding pocket watches.

U-KISS recently wrapped up promotions for “Neverland” in Korea and is currently preparing for their Japanese debut. “Tick Tack” is set to drop on December 14 in various music stores.

Watch the short version of the PV (promotional video) here: