Secret’s Hyosung Reveals Her Actual Weight

On November 26 Secret joined in on the MBC Everyone “Weekly Idol” show, there Secret talked about their real weights and heights.

Hyosung who is well known as having honey thighs revealed that her real weight is actually 50kg instead of 45kg which is the weight that most female Korean celebrity’s state they are. (It should be noted that Hyosung’s weight was also revealed last year on KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100” at the time it was 112.2 lbs or 51 kg.)

The emcee Jung Hyung Don was extremely surprised when she revealed her real weight. He also stated, “Once you gain weight you keep gaining weight.”

Another member Zinger, made a confession about her height. She stated, “On my profile it says that my height is 161cm but my actual height is 157cm.”